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Bankruptcy Sucks!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that over the years.  There’s no doubt that the Bankruptcy process can be a painful experience.  Bankruptcy is not, however, the end of the road.  It may very well be the end of the road for the lifestyle you once new.  Contrary to popular belief there is relief.

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Can I Refinance My Home While in Bankruptcy?

Within the past month or so, I have received numerous calls concerning this question.  Simply put, the answer is “YES!” I’ve taken the time to read some other posts and articles online and I’m amazed at the misinformation that exists on this topic.  It amazes me how misinformed the general public is on this topic.  What’ve even worse, it seems most mortgage and real estate professionals alike lack a great deal of knowledge on understanding bankruptcy as well.  Many of the borrower’s that I have worked with in the past and am currently working with have expressed that they’ve applied or consulted several other mortgage professionals.  They were all turned down cold or told to come back 2 years after their Bankruptcy was discharged.

Imagine experiencing temporary loss of sight or pain in your eyes.  Would you consult a foot doctor or an eye doctor? Keep in mind, they are both Doctors. Most of us wouldn’t dare visit a foot doctor for a problem with our eyes.  We’d make sure to consult  a qualified optometrist (eye doctor).  Now ask yourself, why people don’t seek mortgage professionals who specialize in Bankruptcy, Foreclosures or ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgage).   They most often just call any mortgage company or professional.  What’s worse most mortgage professionals don’t specialize in dealing with Bankruptcies.

Well here’s some additional info that you may find useful when it comes to Refinancing your home while in Bankruptcy.  It is possible to refinance your home while in Bankruptcy.  It’s also possible to refinance your home while in Bankruptcy and get a mortgage rate that is comparable to current market rates.  No double digit or SubPrime rates necessary.  I thought many of you might like to hear that as well :)

The moral of this story is… Yes it is possible to Refinance your home while in Bankruptcy.  Whenever possible, make sure you accept, receive or seek Bankruptcy mortgage advise and/or counsel from a mortgage professional that specializes in working with Buyers or Homeowners who have a Bankruptcy or other credit issues.

As always if you have questions, comments or concerns feel free to post a response here or click here to Talk With Steph.

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Bankruptcy Buyout

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Buyout is one of the best ways to get a fresh start and put the entire experience of filing for Bankruptcy behind you. Many people file Chapter 13 for various reasons but may not know that it is actually possible to buyout the Chapter 13 and start fresh. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, on one hand, provides many people with a second chance to start anew. While in Chapter 13, there are some limitations to what you can do financially to reestablish your credit. Many Mortgage professionals shy away from the challenge because they have very little knowledge of the bankruptcy laws and Mortgage Lending guidelines as it pertains to Chapter 13 Buyouts. There are additional procedures that will need to be carefully executed when performing a Chapter 13 Buyout. You will need your attorney’s involvement to request permission from the US Bankruptcy Court from which you originally filed. Additionally Underwriting requirements will need to be met as well. At the end of the day, when working with an experienced Mortgage Professional who can assist you with the process, a Chapter 13 Buyout can be the final step to starting fresh.

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